Why choose Monitoring?

  • Protected 24/7/365
  • Connected directly to our UK based Monitoring Centre
  • Your alarm is never ignored, the monitoring centre responds when the alarm is triggered.

From as little as 49p per day, choose one our monitoring packages and if your alarm is activated our monitoring centre will contact you, your key-holder or even the police.

Digital Communicator

Calls an alarm receiving centre that, if appropriate, can call the relevant emergency services (police or fire brigade), or your authorised keyholder.

A Digital Communicator is a cost-effective way of communicating with the monitoring centre. However, if the phone line is tampered with the signal won’t get through.

Dual Path Monitoring

Redcare GSM and Dual Comm GPRS are all secure dual path signalling systems where, if the primary path fails a secondary path will take over the signalling and the monitoring centre will be alerted to the failure in communication.

If either path is tampered with by an intruder, or is faulty, the alarm receiving centre will be alerted and your authorised keyholder, will be called.

Single path secure signalling

Where it is not possible to have dual path monitoring due to a poor signal on the radio path or no phone line or network, it is possible to use Redcare Classic (BT RedCare) and Dual Comm GPRS with one path enabled.

BT Redcare

A method of alarm signalling provided exclusively by British Telecom. This alarm signalling method only works if you have a BT phone line.

Audible/ Bells only burglar alarm system

If your alarm is activated, the burglar alarm sounds at the premises only. Activation just sets off an internal and external siren or bell.