Alarm Monitoring

Are you looking for 24/7 alarm protection? Our alarm maintenance service means that your alarm system will be linked to an alarm monitoring centre (ARC), which can contact the keyholders or your local Police if the alarm is activated.

With a bells-only or audible alarm, you rely on neighbours or passers-by to hear the alarm and contact you, so this service ensures that homes and businesses are protected around the clock.

We offer a cost-effective and superior service with detailed reports of activations. This service will also provide valuable peace of mind. For commercial organisations, this rapid response will offer a range of other benefits, including reduced insurance premiums.

The benefits of our alarm systems

Rapid Response security and fire alarms

Rapid response

Did you know that around three-quarters of people admit to ignoring alarms if they hear them going off? Our alarm monitoring can provide rapid response to any break-in.

This can give you confidence that your property is being monitored so that you can focus on your business or other things.

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Some insurers will require alarm monitoring as a condition of specific cover or insurance plans.

Using a monitored alarm system means ensuring that your company is fully covered in the event of a break-in. In addition, monitored alarms are more likely to help you make savings on your insurance premiums.

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Criminals like easy targets. Home or business premises with monitored alarm systems are far less likely to be targeted.

However, if they try to break into a property where there is a Police response, they will set themselves up to feel the full weight of the law.

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Advanced systems

We use the latest systems, including digital communicators, dual-path monitoring, and single-path secure signalling to ensure that you have the right technology and systems for your needs.

Our experienced engineers will be able to advise you regarding the right system for your needs.

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Noise regulations

Current noise regulations state that a burglar alarm can only sound for a maximum of 20 minutes. With a monitored alarm, you will never run the risk of false alarms causing issues with neighbours.

An alarm monitoring centre will quickly be able to detect any false alarm and de-activate it.

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Peace of mind

Monitored alarms can provide valuable peace of mind.

Knowing that your house or business premises s being monitored can be very reassuring, especially when you are away from your property.

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Alarm Maintenance

With over 25 years of experience, our engineers can provide all alarm maintenance and servicing. Routine maintenance will ensure that your alarm system is working effectively. Any issues can be spotted early before they lead to a system breakdown and necessary repairs.

Alarm servicing will always prolong the lifespan of your alarm system and maximise safety. The presence of a fully operational and regularly serviced alarm system is also important for some insurance providers. We can provide a range of preventative servicing contracts to meet your needs.

Alarm Repairs

Our dedicated team of alarm engineers is always on hand to provide emergency alarm repairs. We are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to carry out repairs, including false alarm activations, faulty keypads, cut or damaged cables, missing batteries, alarms set off by pets, and other issues.

We will always respond quickly and make a quick diagnosis to get your system back up and running so your property is secure.

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